Why New York?

Living in New York started out as a crazy idea. No one really believed I would do it, other than my Nana, because I was always the little girl who begged my parents to spend the night somewhere, then call my dad (usually crying) in the middle of the night to come pick me up. Yes - I was that girl.


I get homesick easily, so New York was a fantasy. 

But when I finally got to visit for the first time in 2015 - *cue the Sex and The City theme song* - I fell in LOVE. The energy is completely different here-whether people are rushing to catch a subway to work, performing in a crowded space, the crisp fresh air or the mix of cultures in the city - it's a different vibe.


Raymond and I stumbled upon the Hearst Tower where some of my favorite magazines are created. I secretly wanted to run in and drop off my resumé because I've always been fascinated with magazines and the ones I wanted to work for were right in front of me. Later, I learned that you have to know someone, even just to get into the cafeteria, let alone drop off a resumé. So I had my work cut out for me. 


I went back home and continuously applied for jobs and internships in New York. I went back in August 2016 as a "test-move," which only confirmed that I HAD to move. I took the subway back and forth from Brooklyn to the Hearst tower because I had set up informational meetings via email with editors from Seventeen and Cosmopolitan (more on how to set those up later).

Every editor I spoke to encouraged me to move, they said New York will either make or break you, but it's a fun and amazing experience that you have to do. I wanted that challenge and I knew I needed change. I went back home again and really started working.


I applied everywhere. By this time I had already been rejected from internships with two major magazines, plus the ones that didn't respond. Including being given a green light on an article for a HUGE magazine to print, only to have it rejected later through email. Luckily I ended up getting that same article published with PopSugar Latina. I was exhausted and frustrated but kept going .


I was already a year-and-a-half out of college, I felt stuck in every sense and everything I wanted to do was out in New York. I had outgrown my full-time job and applied for an internship with Elle Decor and Veranda. After a phone interview and an edit test, I got an email back...this hadn't happened before. I opened it and my stomach dropped - It read... 

"We liked the voice and digital approach that came through in your test, and we'd like to have you join us for the spring 2017 semester as our editorial intern."

YAYYYYY! The pieces were falling into place, although I did re-read it just to make sure - I immediately accepted and it hit me that I would be moving to New York in less than a month. So crazy!

I called my mom who screamed so loud because she knew how long I've been trying to do this. 

A one-way ticket to JFK was purchased, luggage was packed (thanks to my mom and Diane), friends and family said good-bye and I hopped on a red-eye headed to Brooklyn.


I officially moved January 6th, 2017. All to pursue my dreams of journalism in the magazine industry. It's still so surreal, I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but I'm excited about the journey either way and I can't wait to tell you all about it. 

Love always,




Rose Barraza