Two Girls One Special Day

We didn’t like each other, but we hadn’t met yet.


We were around the same age and you were new to this world.

You knew my boyfriend and my boyfriend would become your uncle.

We started hanging out and now you were a part of my family. 

We instantly clicked and we loved being around you.


You became one of my best friends and you were my new niece.

You’ve always been there for me and I always plan to be there for you.

You’ve listened to my problems and watched me cry, you cried because that’s what you knew.

You’re a sassy young woman and you’re a sassy little girl, both of you could rule the world.


You’re Maricruz Jaimes and you’re Iyana Marie Montenegro.

Two different girls – one special day. Happy Birthday!


I love you both and wish that whatever it is you and you wish for in life comes true because two amazing girls like you deserve the world.

Love Always, 


Rose Barraza